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Bill Stilwell

Bill Stilwell is a digital marketing hub consultant, specializing in developing data-driven lead generation and conversion systems for business. If you want to take your local business to the next level, contact Bill to get started.

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consistent results

Consistent Results

Get short and long term consistent results.

higher roi

Higher ROI

Cut costs and get a higher return on investment.

attract customers

Attract the Best Customers

Attract the best customers using your digital marketing hub.

be an influencer

Be An Authority

Be recognized as an authority in your industry.

promotion opportunities

Promotion Opportunities

Grow a following of raving fans that want to promote you.

cutting edge technology

Cutting Edge Technology

Be on the cutting edge of local marketing technology.

Fully Managed For You


Exclusive to You

We work exclusively for you in your area/industry.

insight and analysis

Insight and Analysis

Insight, analysis and recommendations provided.

fully managed

Fully Managed for You

Everything created, set up and managed for you.

detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting provided on a regular basis.

build implement test

Build, Implement, Test

Ongoing building, testing, analyzing and adjusting.


Data-driven Optimization

No guesswork! Analytics determine optimization.

How The Buyer’s Journey Works Online

The Buyers Journey Overview
Lets say you've had your local business digital marketing hub and online presence created or updated for you and that all the pieces are in place, ready for you to dominate your industry or niche in your local marketing area. The steps mentioned below will help you understand the customer journey to your digital marketing hub and physical business location:
Step 1 - Attract the Right People
You need traffic to your website. We attract traffic from many different sources by creating content that your past, current or prospective customers want to consume. Once the content is in place on your website, we syndicate that content everywhere online to make people aware of the piece of content that was just added to your website.
Step 2 - Send the Right People
People are sent from your social media properties to your website when new content is added. We use search engine optimization, paid online advertising and email to send people to your site. We also use direct mail and other forms of offline advertising to send people to your website when new content is added. The idea is to send everyone that you and your staff come in contact with to your website so we can begin the conversion process.
Step 3 - Collect Their Email Address
A person arrives at your website as a visitor. Other than providing your website visitors with epic content, we have two goals. The first goal is to send your website visitor to an offer so the can purchase products or services on your site or send them to your physical location where they do business with you. The second goal is to collect the site visitor's email address so we can send them automated followup messages to start or continue building relationships with that person.
Step 4 - Call-to-Action Success
We need that email address so we can continue building a relationship with your website visitor. Lets assume your website visitors didn't take the offer to purchase from you, but they did provide their name and email address as we requested on your site. Now we have them in your automated email marketing system, which triggers pre-written followup messages and gives us the ability to contact them using email anytime in the future.
Step 5 - Email Follow-up Series
The type of email marketing we provide is called "Permission Based", because we ask the person who opted in to receive the followup series, to confirm they want to receive email messages from your business. This confirmation and the well crafted follow-up messages are automated, working for you 24/7 - 365 days a year. Email marketing is how we convert leads to buyers.
Step 6 - Call-to-Action Failure
What happens if the website visitor doesn't take the offer to purchase your products or services and doesn't provide their email address? In this case we set a cookie in their browser that delivers remarketing advertising to that visitor as they move from website to website on the internet. That remarketing advertisement entices the visitor to return to your website, so we can try to collect their email address again.
Step 7 - Remarketing Success
Remarketing or retargeting is a way to highten your brand recall, engage with that site visitor and increase conversion. The idea behind remarketing to someone that has visited your website, is to keep your brand at the front of their mind and to entice them back to a landing page on your website where we can make them a direct offer to purchase your products and services or collect their email address.
Step 8 - Ongoing Testing, Adjustments and Optimization
Building a world-class digital marketing hub for your local business isn't a build it and forget it venture. Once everything is in place, we test, adjust and optimize each piece of your marketing hub and web presence, so we can send a steady stream of leads to your website and business, on a daily basis.
Upgrading Your Marketing Strategy
It's easy to start the process of upgrading your local marketing strategy with us. Call (509) 474-1975 or click the contact button below.

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